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Film, tag & share

High-quality video recording of matches and training sessions: where and whenever you want.

Razor-sharp match images make it clear which choices players make. Watching the analysis, individual player and the team cannot ignore their strengths and weaknesses. SPORTSVIEW makes that optimal player development possible. The simplicity of the complete analysis system offers a wealth of learning moments in every match. Getting a little better every day is really possible.

Football analysis

4-3-3, 5-3-2 or 4-2-2-2? Visualize all training sessions, away and home matches. Map standard situations and learning moments through…

Handball analysis

With the lightweight and easy-to-install SPORTSVIEW video mast, recordings can be made at any position along the…

Rugby analysis

Visualize all training sessions, away and home matches. Map standard situations and learning moments through live tagging and easily…

Hockey analysis

What can be improved about the penalty corner? And why are so many goals scored on the right flank? With the lightweight and easy to…

Video analysis for every ball game

With the lightweight and easy-to-install SPORTSVIEW video mast, recordings can be made for every ball sport. Film with razor sharp quality at any position along the pitch. Process the images directly on the SPORTSVIEW analysis platform. The analysis is ready right after the match. 


With the lightweight and easy-to-install SPORTSVIEW video mast, recordings can be made from any position along the field and by anyone. The SPORTSVIEW camera offers razor-sharp image quality.


The SPORTSVIEW set is delivered complete for € 1,599 excluding VAT, including 1 month free use of the analysis platform (worth € 29). You can get started right away.


The analysis platform of SPORTSVIEW is fully equipped for the quick analysis of matches. It is possible to summarize during and after the match. This offers the possibility to look back at the summary per player or game situation in a staff or team context immediately after the match.


From analysis software, a 4K HD SPORTSVIEW camera to an extension for the video mast, SPORTSVIEW offers a total package for video analysis for your sport.

Experiences of others

SPORTSVIEW is already being used by semi-pro and amateur clubs at home and abroad! Below you can read about their experiences.

Edwin Slagboom

We visited Edwin Slagboom in the south of the Netherlands, after having held various trainer positions at FC Eindhoven, he is now again head coach in amateur football at EFC Eersel. Slagboom told us how he uses SPORTSVIEW at his new club and why video analysis is important.

Head coach

Justin van der Dam

We visited Justin van der Dam in the north, he is a video analyst and goalkeeper trainer at SC Heerenveen. Van der Dam told us how they use video analysis for the women's teams and why the images are so important.

Video analyst

Joost Kuppens

Joost Kuppens is an enthusiastic sports fanatic with years of experience in training and coaching sportsmen and sportswomen at various levels. His company Sport Approved has been inspired by the rugby sport that he first came into contact with as a 14-year old boy. The sporting culture, the very heavy physical exertion and the great diversity within the player groups, influence the current profile of Sport Approved. As performance and technique trainer at RC The Dukes, we speak with Joost about the use and effects of video analysis for the sport of rugby.

Performance and technique trainer

Jeffrey de Visscher

As a former professional footballer, Jeffrey de Visscher has a wealth of experience. He now puts this experience to use in the development of youth teams at the FC Twente Academy. In addition to being a trainer, he is also coordinator of the middle section and in that role actively involved in the growing use of video analysis for all FC Twente youth teams.

Trainer and coordinator

Michiel de Ruiter

As a father of four sons, Michiel can regularly be found along the fields of Zwaluw V.F.C. in Vught. At the youth team of his twins he enthusiastically took on the task of cameraman. As much as possible he takes the SPORTSVIEW video mast with him. The coaches, players and parents of the Vught youth team are happy with it.

Enthusiastic supporter

Robin Feenstra

Robin Feenstra is video analyst of FC Dordrecht. Robin tells why FC Dordrecht switched from a video tower to the SPORTSVIEW video mast. According to Robin the flexibility is one of the biggest advantages.

Video analyst

Patrick Bakhuis

Patrick Bakhuis started PB Soccer in 2013 to offer football playing children an extra training moment. This has grown into a renowned football company that besides extra training for an individual, group training, football events also organizes football parties and football camps in and around Almelo. He also offers video analysis as a service. Because his vision is that every child finds the best in himself with pleasure.

Owner PB Soccer

Tom van Mierlo

Tom is a video analyst in the youth academy of FC Den Bosch and tells about his experiences with working with trainers. According to Tom, a positive development has taken place recently, because trainers give more and more feedback on the analyses that the video analysts make.

Video analyst

Godwin Falix

Godwin Falix is the owner of the football school Football 4 Everyone. F4E believes in getting the best out of every player. Godwin talks about the benefits of the SPORTSVIEW video mast to create extra inspiration and innovation for football players.

Football School F4E

Yassir & Wessel

Yassir en Wessel, spelers in de jeugdopleiding van FC Den Bosch, vertellen over het voordeel van het gebruik van videoanalyse bij hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Met de beelden van SPORTSVIEW kunnen ze direct bekijken wat er bij trainingen en wedstrijden fout gaat en wat ze beter kunnen doen.

Youth players

These sports clubs are already using SPORTSVIEW

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