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Payment Options

The SPORTSVIEW video analysis system can be ordered as a club. It is also possible to link a sponsor to the product. Discover the payment options here!

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Payment by Lease

The SPORTSVIEW set has been developed in collaboration with sports clubs to make videoanalysis possible for everyone. The complete set consists of a telescopic mast with a base length of 5.95m, a 4k camera, a tablet, 2 extra batteries, a phone- and a tablet holder, an attachement system and acarrying bag.


For the financial lease option, we demand: a signature of the authorized signatory of the association and a payment in the amount of 3 months deposit. The term is 36 months and the monthly term is €49 excluding VAT. After this period, the deposit will lapse to Sportsview BV and the SPORTSVIEW set is therefore the property of the association. Maintenance and insurance are the responsibility of the association.


From analysis software, a 4K HD SPORTSVIEW camera to an extension for the video mast, SPORTSVIEW offers a total package for video analysis for your sport.

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