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How the goal kick changes football permanently

Posted on: 04-11-2021
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In the same season in which the VAR was introduced, another rule relating to goal kicks also came into effect. With an even greater influence. It may be a less sexy topic for talk show tables and ...

Expected goals prepare football for statistics

Posted on: 18-11-2021
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Night after night we are treated to football experts manning the talk show table. Very entertaining and wonderfully accessible due to the football humour. But also, often from the lower abdomen. I...

Wirtschaftswunder Zwei

Posted on: 02-12-2021
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The Germans are at their best when they are face down in the mud. After the Second World War, they crawled out of the pit they dug themselves and worked hard on the Wirtschaftswunder. Harald Jähn...

Three reasons why video analysis makes sports more fun!

Posted on: 06-01-2022
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That video analysis makes sports better has already been amply proven and you can read in our previous blogs. But the fact that video analysis makes sports fun is just as important. Therefore, the...

How to start with video analysis? #10tips&tricks

Posted on: 20-01-2022
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The possibilities of video analysis are becoming more and more accessible. More trainers and coaches want to use video analysis to develop individual players or a team. This makes recording and re...

Where is the best place to film a match?

Posted on: 31-03-2022
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One of the hot topics in video analysis is the discussion of which position is best to film a match. A survey showed that the most important thing when filming a match is the location aspect. Enou...

To see and be seen, the importance of video footage in scouting

Posted on: 02-06-2022
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Every season has the same dynamics. Preparations for the new season will start in August and the new selections will be put together in February/March/April. An exciting period for many players an...