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Our team

Our team

SPORTSVIEW was born out of love and passion for the sport. To stimulate the development of both sports and sports talent. With a unique system that can be used by anyone who loves sports and their sports club.

SPORTSVIEW makes sports competitions accessible to everyone. For the enthusiast along the line, but also for the professional on the field. With SPORTSVIEW we are creating a new standard for sports registration. By linking existing innovative technology to a vision in which we want to make the sport better, a system has been created that realizes this. The love and interest for the sport is the driving force that motivates us to be able to involve everyone in sports competitions.

Kaine Everling

Loves videos. Especially to record, edit and prepare them yourself as support material for SPORTSVIEW users.

Chantal van der Heijden

Likes to work as an administrative assistant. The numbers must be correct, even after the decimal point.

Daniella Vrijhof

Is a marketer at heart. With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, she knows what it takes to build solid brands and companies. Endurance runner who likes to explore and push her limits.

Goof Seijkens

Joins SPORTSVIEW  as a versatile product designer and maker. With a background in the design and manufacturing industry, he specializes in prototypes and production runs with short lead times. He is enthusiastic about challenging design issues and is always looking for smart solutions. Sitting still is impossible. There is always something to invent, make or discover.

Helwin Teunissen

Born in business economist with a top-level sporting hockey background. Privately closely involved in the youth academy of FC Den Bosch. As the founder of  SPORTSVIEW, always busy developing products and services. Connect with Helwin via LinkedIn.

Vacancies / internships

Do you enjoy being on the sports field rather than studying? We are always looking for enthusiastic HBO or MBO students with a relevant education. At the moment, we are specifically looking for an AV specialist.