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Request a video analysis demo!

Experience the possibilities of video analysis within your club during a SPORTSVIEW -demo! Fill in the details below and indicate your availability.  

We will contact you as soon as possible to demonstrate the SPORTSVIEW video mast and analysis software!

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With the lightweight and easy-to-install SPORTSVIEW video mast, recordings can be made from any position along the field and by anyone. The SPORTSVIEW camera offers razor-sharp image quality.


The SPORTSVIEW set is delivered complete for € 1,599 excluding VAT, including 1 month free use of the analysis platform (worth € 29). You can get started right away.


The analysis platform of SPORTSVIEW is fully equipped for the quick analysis of matches. It is possible to summarize during and after the match. This offers the possibility to look back at the summary per player or game situation in a staff or team context immediately after the match.