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How to start with video analysis? #10tips&tricks

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The possibilities of video analysis are becoming more and more accessible. More trainers and coaches want to use video analysis to develop individual players or a team. This makes recording and retrospective viewing of matches effective.

A question that is often asked is how to start with video analysis as a club. What systems are there? What are the pros and cons? And how can trainers, players and possible sponsors take full advantage of this development? Here are 10 tips to start with video analysis in a simple, effective, and affordable way:

#1 Determine development level

Often a lot of attention and budget goes to the selection teams. However, all youth teams together form the lifeblood of an association. When these players are given development opportunities across the board, this can lead to a broad development of the available talent. Therefore, start by forming a vision of the desired level of development: selection, breadth, or a variant.

#2 Trainer engagement

The trainers give shape and content to the vision of a club. By involving trainers in the intended effect of video analysis at an early stage, they are more likely to see its usefulness and importance. It helps the trainer to move from subjective to objective approach. For example, a trainer can work at a behavioural level or a result level.

#3 View suitable locations

Depending on the video analysis system, the location must meet several conditions. A fixed system is possible if the location is equipped with the correct connections to the electricity and internet network. This usually requires the necessary groundwork and construction work. With a flexible system, a fencing, dug-out or practice goal must be present for a stable attachment. For both systems, trees should not be an obstacle during the recordings. The view must be clear all around.

#4 How to analyse

The video images created can be processed in many ways. Choose a software package that offers tagging capability during the match or training, both at the player level and in various game situations. It should also be easy to share the selected images with players and possibly other stakeholders. Create a solution where the analysis is transparent at any time.

#5 Set a budget

The available budget for video analytics is partly for the investment in the system and partly for the periodic subscription and maintenance costs. Determine a budget where its effectiveness must be demonstrably higher. This can be done by purchasing a system that can support as many teams as possible with video analysis. More video material provides more insight into development.

#6 Test image quality and convenience

The price/quality ratio and ease of use are decisive factors in choosing the right video analysis system. Razor-sharp image quality with the right lines visible in the field is crucial. This enhances the viewing pleasure and the necessary insight into the game choices made. The ease of use can also increase the deployment of the system. This convenience seems greater with an automatic camera system than with a manual system. A physical person can respond directly to special game situations and, for example, follow a specific player.

#7 Step-by-step

The commitment and especially the success of video analysis is growing step-by-step within a club. Starting with a limited number of enthusiastic users, this can grow as the objectivity of the images is more appreciated. By trainers, by players and by other stakeholders. This process does not happen by itself. It is advisable to offer video analyst training to the members of the club.

#8 Benefits for the players

To gain broad support for video analytics within the club, a focus on the development of all players is useful. When they experience the benefits of objective assessment, it strengthens the coach and the team.

#9 Celebrate success!

By emphasizing what is going well and showing it, a positive flow is created in a team and club. Razor-sharp video images give substance to the objectivity of these successes.

#10 Guard privacy

Player privacy is paramount. Therefore, ensure that you have a sufficiently closed and secured platform to store and share the images. The images should be owned by the club to control their distribution. A player is jointly responsible for careful handling of the images. To be recorded in a privacy statement.

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