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How the goal kick changes football permanently

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In the same season in which the VAR was introduced, another rule relating to goal kicks also came into effect. With an even greater influence. It may be a less sexy topic for talk show tables and podcasts, but no less revolutionary for that. This blog will discuss why.

Where previously the ball was considered in play if it had left the penalty area, this is now the case when the ball is kicked and moves. Goalkeepers can now play short to teammates in the penalty area. Opposing players must remain outside the area until the goal kick is taken, meaning the penalty area must serve as a kind of exclusion zone for short passes.

The result is that the number of long balls by keepers is greatly reduced. Defenders have a few seconds longer to make a choice and the keeper himself is a fourth or fifth point of contact within the defence. Of course, the long stairs do not stop completely. After all, when a team is shaky in possession and looking for a last-minute lead, you can still expect the keeper to kick the ball as far as possible.

What is also not discussed on the well-known talk show tables is the development in youth football. In youth football, defenders are now forced to look for and find more the footballing solution. Just defending man against man and quickly handing in the ball to the midfielders is no longer sufficient. The modern defender starts building from the back line and is expected to make an attacking contribution to the team. As a result, these (often physically strong) players develop more quickly into more complete football players. They get more and longer possession of the ball, in an area where the speed of action will have to be high. The opponent often puts faster and higher pressure, and football must be played under it.

But the keepers also participate in building up from the back. The keeper is expected to fully participate in the positional game and can also play in midfielders. The time when the central defender gave the ball a steed on the kick-off is long gone, and the moment when the average premier league goalkeeper has a few assists to his name at the end of the season is rapidly approaching.

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