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Where is the best place to film a match?

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One of the hot topics in video analysis is the discussion of which position is best to film a match. A survey showed that the most important thing when filming a match is the location aspect. Enough reason for us to zoom in on it. What are the best conditions in terms of location to film a match?

#1 Height

Overview is key in video analytics. If an individual analysis is carried out, this shows how the player moves in relation to his fellow players and opponents. If you analyse your team, then you prefer to have a good overview of many players and a large part of the field with a good overview. After all, it is important how the game develops from the different game situations. You can create the height by filming, for example, the roof of the clubhouse or from a scaffold. It's even easier to use a video mast!

#2 Position along the field

Opinions are divided on this. In football, it is mainly analysed from the centre line of the field. From this position, with a good camera (preferably more than 120 degrees angle of view), a large part of the field can be seen. As a result, the structure can be followed properly and the analyst has a good overview. For example, in hockey and handball, a preference is usually indicated for a position behind the goal. Because the build-up is faster here (defence to attack in hockey sometimes a few seconds). It is therefore of greater importance to follow the movements of the players all over the field. In addition, the penalty corner is dominant in hockey. You therefore want to analyse it thoroughly.

#3 Flexibility

Only half of the games are played at home. That means that if you use a permanent system, you can only film half of the matches. In addition, it is important during the preparation to analyse your team well and to collect a lot of images. A permanent system is not included in training camp. Also, training sessions are not always given on the main field. It also helps to use a mobile system that is easy to move.

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